To paraphrase famed football coach Vince Lombardi, "service isn’t the most important product, it’s the only product."

At Taft we work hard every day to assure our clients the best, most strategically valuable and most accurate service possible. Every client is our boss, and we know we have to prove ourselves every day.

For business managers, setting up a captive insurance company may seem a daunting challenge that easily distracts from running their organization’s day to day operations. Our clients can continue to focus on their core business with clear minds, knowing that their captive is being managed in a thorough and professional matter.

From the conception of the captive’s purpose, structure and features through selection of a licensing domicile, provision of outstanding professional service providers to the administration of all regulatory, operational and financial details, Taft is unparalleled in guiding clients with transparency and clarity. Clients know where they are in the process at all times, have a clear view of the costs involved and can be confident of meeting near and long-term goals.

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